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Show the urban South Platte, and Carp Slam Pro Scott Wells, some love

My friend Scott Wells is a long-time competitor in the South Platte Pro-Am Carp Slam. He also makes these:


Click to view Scott’s portfolio

That participation, along with those prints, of which Scott donates several a year toward the cause (and somehow finagled one onto the walls of my abode), has resulted in major renovations to the South Platte River around Carson Nature Center. Denver Trout Unlimited has eyes on continuing the march downstream and your donation on Scott’s behalf helps enable that.

Click here to show the Denver South Platte (and Mr. Wells) some love.

MG signing off (because love is in the air, even if the urban South Platte doesn’t always smell that way)

Scott Wells fine art showing at Hapa Sushi Boulder

My dear friend Scott Wells has been described as a cantankerous bugger. But I want him on the oars when a there’s a freaky drop downriver, and I probably want him right next to me in case a nasty bar fight breaks out too. He’s also one heck of an artist, and I want his Gyotaku art hanging on the walls of my home. Oops, I forgot it already is…

Wells Brown Trout

Gyotaku art dates back to 13th century Japan. Then and there, anglers recognized their prized catches through the ink prints; the method is recognized as one of the earliest forms of taxidermy. Mr. Wells happened upon a book of Gyotaku prints, sans even one single word. He was fascinated by what he saw, and set out to understand how they were created. Scott then spent time at Bristol Bay Lodge’s Artist-In-Residence program, a creative conclave put together by none other than Bob White, who also contributes the cover art (and some superb writing) for Pulp Fly.

Three years and roughly two hundred pieces into the portfolio, Scott is unveiling his work to the public. The place is Hapa Sushi, Boulder, 1117 Pearl Street to be exact. The date is Tuesday, May 7th, at 7pm sharp.

Scott hails from Littleton, CO, where he lives with his wonderful wife Janet and his seven year old son Patch (who has every girl in the neighborhood swooning). The Wells work available for sale presently consists of roughly a dozen impeccably framed unique pieces, hanging at Hapa Sushi Boulder and Trout’s Fly Fishing in Denver. And should you miss this first showing, Scott Wells work will be back at Hapa Sushi Lodo, in June, and Hapa Sushi, Cherry Creek, in July.

MG signing off (because the Wells Gyotaku print in my office is not for sale, but you can buy me a drink if you like)