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Happy Hour (for hitmen) at Trout’s Fly Fishing (UPDATED)

If you ever thought of taking me out once and for all and you (or your hired guns) were having a hard time finding me, I’m cutting you a break. This coming Thursday from 6-8pm I’ll be giving a presentation at Trout’s Fly Fishing (corner of 6th and Marion in Denver) on how to use technology to assist in your fish chasing pursuits.

We ALL know I can’t catch any fish, but I can hit my laptop’s power-on button without crashing it. And Trout’s didn’t have anyone worthwhile to present on anything remotely useful, so they are using me as a filler. I didn’t really want to speak, but they offered free beer. Subjects covered in the presentation include:

  • Posting on social networks at regular intervals so everyone thinks you are at work instead of fishing
  • Blogging, as a substitute for not having any fly fishing skills whatsoever
  • Keeping buckskin and flashabou from jamming up your keyboard
  • And my personal favorite…

  • How to pop Budweiser tops without spraying foam all over your monitor

It should be good family fun for everyone. And did I mention there’s free beer?

MG signing off (to create a beneficial presentation…just kidding)

Editor’s note: we’ll actually be covering how to use satellite imagery and GPS tools to make your fly fishing pursuits more enjoyable (and less costly).

UPDATE: The presentation is here (pdf) for those who couldn’t make it.