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Circle of Search Spam

As if you haven’t noticed, I am on a circle kick today.

While Slashdotters generally dislike blogs, I find their latest comments on search engine spam and weblogs interesting if not amusing.

Search engine spam is ruining the internet in the name of selling a few extra digital cameras (which are obsolete in a week anyway). While I don’t necessarily agree that weblogs should be separated from base indexes at engines like Google (because there actually are some useful, informative weblogs out there..hint hint), something must be done to stop the flood of mortgage offerings in every keyword search we do.

Maybe the answer is Yahoo! Mindset, or something like it.

Has Google put the clamp on search engine spam?

Over at Spamroll, no artifice of electronic trickery is safe from scrutiny. With that in mind, one must follow the goings on with search engine spam (see Is Google Becoming A Central Theme in Spam Wars? and Blogger gaming search engines, from the inside out for starters). So I was surprised to notice the other day that some of the PageRanks that Google is reporting seem a little off. I have found PR3’s mingling with PR8’s on the first page of some results over at Google, as well as some 6’s and 7’s hanging out with 0’s down in the bowels (like the +20th page of result).

What gives? Has Google changed their reporting to get the SEOs’, link farms’, and spammers’ wheels spinning, or have they changed their algorithm somehow, so that PageRank doesn’t matter as much as it used to? The results are still in line at the top of page 1, but the PR for some just doesn’t make sense like it used to.

My personal opinion…don’t care. The results are great, and if Google can do something to make the gamers pull their hair out in frustration, then it is nothing but a good thing. If I am missing something altogether, let me know; my feelings won’t get hurt, and I will shut my trap about it.

SEOs fighting search engine spam?

I have a hard time believing that SEO firms have any interest in avoiding search engine spamming, but Web Host News seems to have found one. SEO tricks are what started the gaming process, and Google has been the attractive target for all make and manner of site, including their own blogs, ever since.

If the firm mentioned in the above article, SEO Inc, is attempting to kick off a trend, then kudos to them. I’ll keep my fingers crossed, but I am not holding my breath.