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The Blogger Effect

While seeing crappy search results doesn’t bother me as much as the next guy (I weed though several pages of results most of the time to find what I really want), it does piss a lot of people off. And while those who are miffed could use a lesson in patience and diligence – machines can’t do everything for you – I still see the point.

Yes, Google’s search results are the prime target of search spam, but they could do something about it.

For starters, they could get their own house tidied up.

Blogger gaming search engines, from the inside out

The blogging community has been under heat for its favorable position in search results. The talk has been to segregate blogs from other results, and some search engines have already taken this approach. Bloggers have cried foul, saying such a practice will kill their traffic. All the while, the major search engines have huddled together, promoting initiatives such as rel=”no follow” in hopes to stem the tide of comment and trackback spam, while the bloggers push back, saying the search engines should fix their own problems.

Each side has its valid points. Unfortunately, the latest “scam” involving them all is going to leave black eyes on all parties, and I suspect the little guys (the bloggers, that is), are going to take the brunt of the blame if mainstream journalists have their way with the spin.

Yes, I am talking about the WordPress “scandal.”