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Your U.S. Senator likely sucks

Daily Kos reported today on the Coburn amendment, which was supposed to reallocate hundreds of millions appropriated to ridiculous projects, to rebuilding Katrina decimated New Orleans. And guess what…the amendment failed.

What a travesty.

Note that 15 senators did do the right thing. 11 Republicans and only 4 Democrats…hmm. I wonder what else was tacked on to the amendment, or what else was tagging along the original appropriations. I also wonder what the hell the other 82 who voted no were thinking.

Media Moguls and Phishing

What do copyright, patent and other intellectual property issues have to do with phishing? I don’t have a clue, but the US Senate seems to think they do. Sounds like stinky spin in order to convince the public that having a Utah Senator head some committee of whatevers is going to do some good (other than provide payback for all the grease they have received from Hollywood).