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How should idiocy be punished?

Techdirt poses the question as to how spammers should be punished, and notes the lack of decent sentencing guidelines and the like.

Maybe the courts should just wait until the spammer (or phisher) does something really, really idiotic, like try to recruit “processors” for their ill-gotten gains on Monster.com, and then sentence them for money laundering. I think there are some pretty decent guidelines on that end.

Spammer sentenced to 9 years, awaits appeal

I waited to post this article until the day after every news station on the planet did, just so I could feel special. Yes, Jeremy Jaynes, the spammer busted by the State of Virginia under its felony statutes, has been sentenced to nine years in prison. His sister, also convicted, had her charges dismissed, and Jaynes purported accomplice, Richard Rutkowski, was acquitted on all counts.

Now my “special” question…