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Sold on Simms Vibram

I’m not going to endorse the “studies” being touted which suggest felt soles are evil (and frankly, I think those engaged in the outcry should be ashamed because of the weak show they’ve put on). I bought Vibram-soled boots because 1) I needed some new boots, 2) because Simms Riversheds, which I believe are the best value in wading boots, are only available in Vibram, and 3) because I was tired of felt, which is sticky like roof tar while in the water, but downright dangerous while walking on trails or standing on grassy banks.

Further, I don’t need any long term testing, like swapping boots in and out on different feet, to come to a conclusion as to what works. Vibram soles, when combined with studs – in this case the Simms “Star” cleats – provided as firm a footing as felt while wading. And the same configuration blew the laces off felt-soled boots when out of the water. Note: I was using the same model boot, just with felt, immediately prior to the present pair.

MG signing off (because that’s all I have to say about soles)

FTC Disclosure: These boots were purchased for MSRP less a small preferred customer discount, and no compensation whatsoever was provided for the declaration made above.