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Getting dragged to Andros for liar’s poker

What do you get when you combine a pack of wayward bloggers with the largest population of resident bonefish in the western hemisphere?

Deneki FIBFest. Duh!

Yes, I’m getting dragged kicking and screaming down to Andros, ostensibly to show everyone how to knock at least a half dozen people flat out on the casting deck using nothing but a #2 bead chain eyed fly (traveling at speeds of up to 100 mph of course). If you’ve ever fished the salt with me, you know I can hit a man (including but not limited to myself) square in the forehead without much trouble. Sometimes I even draw blood. If the crew has any say in the matter, we’ll probably spend the first evening constructing helmets from coconut husks.

They won’t get that opportunity, however, as I am now disclosing in advance 100% of the contents of my gear bag so there is no misconception regarding what activities they will be engaged in during the lion’s share of this adventure.

They’ll never know what hit them. ‘Cause they’ll be hungover. And broke.

MG signing off (to practice my double haul hit the poker simulator)