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Social network news latest spam victims

First it was your inbox. Then your blog. Now it is social networks geared around promoting news stories, as Seth Godin shows us. Furl, Digg and all the open source clones popping up are vulnerable.

Why? I think age. Primacy/recency theory notwithstanding, the popularity of these venues, combined with the neophyte composition of their userbase, was bound to attract scammers. Meanwhile, those sites with established user groups, with their loyalty and intolerance of trollers, tend to self-regulate much better – almost by default at this stage of the game. I say, so much for the death of Slashdot at the hands of Digg – it ain’t going to happen.

Can I have the last four digits of your…

Slashdot is asking folks what kind of identity theft can really be pulled off without access to one’s social security number. The results of the poll may surprise you (meaning some of the comments are actually NOT sarcastic).

Smart folks weigh in on spam solutions

We have the Slashdotters making some quick comments on Blue Security’s unorthodox anti-spam solution, but I am more interested in the comments on spam solutions in general.

For those not so lucky to have heard about Blue Security, Spamroll already weighed in on their “offering.” But if you want to hear about it from someone who actually knows what they are talking about, catch Brian McWilliams’s latest on Blue Security’s Blue Frog.

MightyMartian Rocks

I just want to send out a quick thanks to one of the active posters over at Slashdot, MightyMartian. Whoever MightyMartian is, they “get it.”

Read this post from Slashdot, Spammer Bankrupted by Anti-Spammer Suits, and look a few posts down the page.

Thank you, cosmic one.

Politicians Attack the Online, But Fear the Offline

CNN Money ran this story a few days back about how the State of Ohio want to chase down eBay sellers for a few extra bucks, by requiring they get auctioneers licenses: Ohio law would require auction license for eBay sellers – Mar. 7, 2005.

Licensure (in most cases) is less a regulatory and consumer protection mechanism than it is a revenue one. In this case it is certainly so.

Speaking of Slashdot…here’s a business model

Social networking software has been all the rage since Business 2.0 magazine called it the technology of the year, more than a year ago. Since then several service providers have come and gone, and the rest have struggled with the business model. Many have tried subscriptions, ad sales, and miscellaneous charges for “premium” service, only to watch users head for the hills. Now a new idea has come out of one of them, LinkedIn.

In Techdirt:LinkedIn Links To A Business Model, it seems the company has turned to recruiting. In what is described as a Craigslist type listing model, LinkedIn has decided to continue offering some service gratis, while charging for job postings.

CNET News has more on this in LinkedIn to introduce fees | CNET News.com.

You know who should really be doing this….