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Among other things, Symantec says phishing up +300%

There has been a lot of chatter about the latest reports from Symantec about security issues. Some say it is valid, and folks should be on guard, while others say it is all FUD to sell product.

I don’t take security for granted, whether it be on a Mac, Windows or Linux, and neither should you.

One More Reason To Hire Your Own Script Kiddie

As if competing on the ecommerce front wasn’t hard enough, just think how tough it gets when your customers get spammed by your competitors, with your expressed written consent!

Building a shopping cart is as easy as buying a book on PHP/MySQL, or hiring a needy computer science major off of Craigslist for a couple of hundred bucks. But if you still need a reason to do it yourself, here is a story out of Reuters that will kick you where it counts: Online Payment Company Settles Privacy Charges.