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The Little Scott Radian 753/4 That Could

gear bagIn early 2013 I received a package. The note within said “play casually with the contents, and if you find the time drop us a few words summarizing your thoughts”. So yours truly delivered back some long-winded blather a dissertation, finely detailed results of functionality testing across a myriad of conditions. The subject of the study was a generic nine-foot five that would later become the infamous Scott Radian. Breaking the non-disclosure agreement was an afterthought.

Then the inquiries began. “What if you built this same rod in a three-weight, say sub-eight feet?” “Hey, any thoughts on a 3-weight Radian?” “Don’t you think a Radian Three would be the coolest?”

YOURS TRULY: Man, a fast-action rod with this kind of sensitivity, this tippet-protection, seems perfectly suited for a light-line … uh um … three-weight rod, eh?

ANYONE WITH THE FACTORY’S NUMBER IN THEIR PHONE: Jeezus, will you shut the hell up about that already?!

I will now.

Now will you? Please?

What should a three-weight be able to do? First off, keep 6x-8x tippet intact. Add covering ten to twenty feet with minimal effort. Plus, make do with small flies on standard leaders. But what if it the angler wielding it could also stretch to twice that distance, entice the bite with fluffy terrestrial patterns, and tangle with fish bigger than a six-inch Colorado River cuttie?

“We thought you would leave us alone.”

Fat chance.


When you absolutely positively must fish that desolate wilderness area

Don’t let a little creek stop you…


Even if the passenger doesn’t notice the deep hole on their side until after the decision has been made.

MG signing off (because where there are un-trampled trouts, there’s action)

Check Part Deux

The list is now complete.

High mountain pond full of cutthroat trouts – check.

High mountain pond

Multitudes of aggressive little brook trouts – check.

Little Brook Trout

A Colorado River Cutthroat trout – check.

Colorado River Cutthroat

Someone’s fishing buddy charging upstream to get to the goods first – double check.

Whimsical small stream

All photos courtesy of Will “Did We Really Drink That Entire Bottle of Bourbon Last Night?” Rice.

MG signing off (because I have to go back for more)



Pack, tent, bag, and pad – check.

Waders, boots, cap, extra socks, and net – check.

Cooler full of tasty treats – check.

Bourbon, hatchet, chips, and a roll of toilet paper – check.

Two and three weights, four million dry flies, and a vintage copy of The Drake – double check.

MG signing off (because what more could a person need)