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Simple advice for “dizzy” iOS 7 users

iOS 7 users are reporting that all the zooming and sliding going on in Apple’s latest operating system is making them sick

Triggers and symptoms vary, but TidePool mobile app developer Jenni Leder’s experience is not uncommon. A self-professed power-user, she frequently switches apps; but on iOS 7, this has caused headaches and feelings associated with motion sickness. “I now have to close my eyes or cover the screen during transitions, which is ridiculous,” she told The Guardian, adding that there’s nowhere to hide: “It’s not apps that affect me, but accessing them. Tap a folder and the view zooms in. Tap an app and it’s like flying through the icon and landing in that app’s micro world — and I’m getting dizzy on the journey there.”

Read on, as this phenomena is pinned on not-so-uncommon disorders of the vestibular system i.e. people who easily get seasick.

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