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Simon Sharwood has ditched the smartphone in favor of a Nokia 110 …

A couple of weeks back, I ditched my Galaxy S4 and adopted a Nokia 110 as an experiment to see if modern life is possible without a smartphone. The premise for the test is that I’m worried I’m spending a bit too much time with my phone and could probably disconnect from the online world without.

A couple of experiences illustrate how things are going.

Read on as Mr. Sharwood uses his brain for everyday tasks.

MG signing off (to follow the story ’cause it ain’t over yet)

Smartphones better get PhDs

Smartphones are a wave of the future, there is no doubt. While I disagree with the need for them to play music, just about everything else (including address book management, calendaring, PIM syncing, etc.) can make busy peoples’ lives a whole lot easier.

Of course, personal computers did that too. And we know what has turned into – a plethora of hacking, viruses, spyware, malware, spam, and other such nasties that keep Spamroll in existence.

You know where I am headed with this, so I’ll say little more. Experts are predicting huge outbreaks of smartphone viruses within a few years.