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Highly Addictive Substance Alert!

This is a Highly Addictive Substance Alert, brought to you by the World Health OrganizationThe Centers for Disease Control … some cat who thinks about these things every time they drive by the supermarket (and usually winds up ‘stopping in to check inventory’).

These things will be the death of me

MG signing off (after using an exclamation point in the title so you know it’s serious)

Hump day fly fishing extravaganza – 02/18/09

Pork-shaped sandwichAnother in a long line of broken series

The Roughfisher has cabin fever, and…

The Trout Underground is doing something about the same issue.

Teton Valley Lodge is taking the education route, while…

Fat Guy Fly Fishing is snacking on pork-shaped patty sandwiches.

Cutthroat Stalker is handling governmental affairs for all of us, and…

I’m heading out to walk the dog.