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Behind the hoo-haa: Snake River edition

YOURS TRULY: No need to pack the beads, eh?

THE FARCEUR: What the heck are you doing even possessing beads?

YOURS TRULY: Well, they are useful in transition month tailwaters.

THE FARCEUR: Quit rattling that box – it’s giving me a headache.

Making the run from Wilson to South Park, behind the guides and their clients all giddyup’ed in waders and vests and waxed canvas hats wondering why they are sweating their butts off and blaming the manufacturers of their recently purchased kit. Picking off everything they missed, which in local parlance means almost every denizen of the deep anxious to pound #4 attractors with abandon reserved for spring openers. Seeing just one other drift boat, five hundred yards ahead. Carrying on between ourselves such that bystanders would think we were sworn enemies, until bellows of laughter filled the air.

snake river cutthroat

Fitz stole the show, then graciously opted to row.

Rolling behind the hoo-haa was an incomparable way to end a week already marked by big wins.

MG signing off (because the mission has only just begun)

Snake River Cutthroat

Probably not a big deal, but this is the first Snake River Cutthroat I’ve seen up close and personal (i.e. recently on the end of my fly line).

Didn’t take much time setting up this photo (which is a good thing if you’re a fish)

Up close and personal – note the bright yellow body and distinctive orange fins

Beautiful, and headed home

No comment on the rest of the weekend’s fishing, which should tell you something.