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Sophos Top 10 Hoaxes for May

Sophos has just release their top ten viruses and hoaxes list for May 2005.

Topping the charts last month was Sober-N, with roughly 44% of all reports. There is plenty of chatter on Sober-M, N, O, P and (likely) so on, here at Spamroll, so I won’t provide any links. You can follow through with a quick search if you like, or if you just want to get a feed of Sophos reports on the latest viruses and hoaxes you can click here.

Wheel of viruses, give me a P

First the malcreants give us Sober- N (or was that Sober-M…uh, who cares anymore). I saw no announcement about Sober-O, but maybe I just wasn’t paying attention, since I use a Mac. The latest, Sober-P, is now making its rounds.