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Social Media’s Dirty Laundry!

I always wanted to put an exclamation point at the end of a blog post headline. Got the idea from McSweeney’s:

Guys, I want you all to meet Joe. He’s the new head of social media and marketing strategy here at Bubble Trouble Laundromat.

Okay, maybe not. But I lost it after the first sentence, so you’ll have to read the whole thing yourself.

MG signing off (to wash some clothes!)

Something Thoreau wrote on April 16, 1852

“How many there are who advise you to print! How few who advise you to lead a more interior life! In the one case there is all the world to advise you, in the other there is none to advise you but yourself. Nobody ever advised me not to print but myself. The public persuade the author to print, as the meadow invites the brook to fall into it. Only he can be trusted with gifts who can present a face of bronze to expectations.1

Does the advent of self-publishing – electronic books, blogging, social media – make striking the balance more elusive, or easier to segregate?

MG signing off (to push another publish button, subject matter notwithstanding)

1 [At the time, Walden was ready for printing but Thoreau did not yet have a publisher]

A dearth of innovation, or the beginning of the end of rich communication?

Moshe Y. Vardi opines that while communication “advances” such as texting and social media may seem wondrous, they may not be the leaps the world really needs…

Recently, however, several people have been questioning this techno-optimism. In a commencement address at Bard College at Simon’s Rock, U.S. Federal Reserve chair Ben Bernanke compared life today to his life as a young boy in 1963, and his grandparents’ lives in 1913. He argued that the period from 1913 to 1963 saw a dramatic improvement in the quality of daily life, driven by automobilization, electrification, sanitation, air travel, and mass communication. In contrast, life today does not seem that different than life in 1963, other than the fact we talk less to each other, and communicate more via email, text, and social postings.

Worth a full read.

General disdain for Ben Bernanke notwithstanding, I find the last quoted remark above a little disheartening, and yet wholeheartedly accurate. It will be sad to see the day when smartphone functionality is embedded within everyday wear, giving mankind the ability to replace every face-to-face or voice modal interaction with a 140 character quip, regardless of whether they are fiercely clutching a device.

MG signing off (thankful that my circle would still rather pick up the phone and dial)

“Social media eliminates the need to provide value to anyone”

The Onion Talks…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CK62I-4cuSY&w=560&h=315]

MG signing off (because coming up with new ideas is apparently yesterday’s game)

The inanity that is “social”

Summed up nicely…


MG signing off (to run out and join Facebook again)

You’re not the customer – you’re the product

Hot on the heels of a discussion I just had regarding [my] waning interest in certain social media services, Lifehacker points this out:

MetaFilter user blue_beetle accurately observed that “if you’re not paying for something, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold”. This sentiment doesn’t just apply to unhappy Digg users but to a significant portion of the online experience and many real life interactions.

I disagree with the part about real life interaction, which no semblance of online media richness can ever replace. But I’d say the rest of it is spot on, at least as it relates to intangible offerings.

Stuff I’ve been paying attention to even though spring was very fishy

It’s been a very fishy spring, particularly with the whole FIBFest bit, but that doesn’t mean work has gone unattended. Well at least paying attention (which reminds me that I used to get sent to the dean’s office a lot for disrupting class)….


  • WordPress 3.0: The 5 Most Important New Features [Mashable] – More great stuff afoot. Why anyone would PAY for content management system software with WordPress around is beyond me.
  • Still Don’t Know What Cyberwar Is… But The US Has A Cyberwar General Now [Techdirt] – It’s probably best you don’t know either. No need to worry about some enemy types crashing the electrical grid…or better yet, launching weapons.
  • Gmail Ditched By Major University [Information Week] – Others followed suit, and I suspect it was a knee-jerk reaction. But to what?


  • What Business is Wall Street In ? [Blog Maverick] – The analogy that traders are like hackers is spot on. Problem is, a select few hackers are spoiling the show for individual investors, and therefore businesses looking for capital.
  • Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse [Wall Street Journal] – A flurry of tax breaks come to an end soon. That “Curve Guy” postulates that all hell will break loose soon thereafter.

Fly Fishing

    Haven’t you had enough already? Seriously?

  • Book Review – The Flycaster Who Tried To Make Peace With The World [A Bad Backcast…And Other Inane Musings] – Rob Dee says Randy Kadish’s philosophical journey take you along with. The book is available for the Kindle now too!
  • Report: Most Anglers Don’t Use Social Media [MidCurrent] – No surprise there, because the interwebs are all about telling the truth!
  • Casting for Recovery Selected for Federal Campaign Charity Listing [Angling Trade] – “The Combined Federal Campaign is the only authorized workplace charitable giving drive for employees in the federal employment.” Included are civilian, postal and military sectors.


The Social Media Guru

Show me to your computer, and I’ll hook your twitter to your facebook and plug your blog feed into my reader. Then, only if you’re good, I’ll ask my friends to follow you, and be nice to you, and maybe even comment on your posts until I tell them to stop or they get bored of your endless meandering crap.

Parental discretion advised.

(h/t E. Sizemore)

Stuff you might have missed because I was a lazy piece of…for the last month


  • The Cloud Isn’t Safe?! (Or Did Black Hat Just Scare Us?) [ReadWriteWeb] – Me thinks it isn’t too safe now, but might get a whole lot safer here very soon.
  • FACEBOOK FIRED: 8% of US Companies Have Sacked Social Media Miscreants [Mashable] – Ok…I signed up for Facebook in early August, and everyone knows my favorite word is “miscreant.” Should I fire myself?
  • Small Biz So Far Not So Crazy About the Cloud [GigaOm] – What about big business? Oops…I forgot they ARE the cloud.


  • Why Default on U.S. Treasuries is Likely [Reason] – I’ve got this finance reference on the shelf that bases everything on the “risk free rate.” Should I throw it out now?
  • FDIC Running Out of Cash [The Big Picture] – My money is safely stuffed in the mattress, but what’s the point? The FDIC will just set up its own printing press.
  • U.S. Underwater Mortgages May Reach 30%, Zillow Says [Bloomberg] – This whole housing meme has become a tiresome one. If Zillow had said this three years ago I would have been impressed.

Fly Fishing

  • North America’s Top 10 Trout-Fishing Towns [Forbes] – They missed Hartsel, Colorado! We call the place Redneck Disneyland (c) my neighbor, and it’s certainly my #1.
  • A 23-inch rainbow trout is a lot like a beautiful woman. If I do everything absolutely right, then maybe. [Moldy Chum] – I do everything wrong with both, hence relying on pure luck.
  • Confessions of a Kiss and Tell Angler [Cutthroat Stalker] – First rule to remember…no means no! Second rule…never kiss and tell. You’ll get a lot less refusals.