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If you find this sock’s brother, please let me know

gear bagEveryone has their superstitions, and fly fishers are no exception. For some it’s bananas – no bananas consumed while fishing, and certainly none in the lunch bag, particularly while on a boat. For others, it’s as simple as getting prepared just a certain way – put the rod together now, or wait until after the waders are on (regardless of the temps). I love fruit, but rarely take it fishing, and I have a certain system getting ready – it’s not bowing to the gods but plain ol’ habit. No…for me the big thing is socks.

A particularly pair of socks. I’ve had these certain socks for some time (sparing you the details, and sparing me the bad jokes). They are my lucky wading socks. They kept my toes warm on bitter days. I hand wash them and air dry them after each use – respect for many [insert time measure here] of loyal service. Now I’m getting ready for a short but much needed trip, and one sock out of the pair is missing. This is a huge fricken problem.

A lonely sock

If you find this sock’s brother, please ping me ASAP. The sock was last seen in the vicinity of a gray mid-sized Japanese-built SUV parked near the Blue River below Green Mountain Reservoir.

I must have this sock.

MG signing off (to check and recheck and re-re-check the sock drawer)

Editor’s note: your superstitious tales may be welcome relief, but the other sock in my mail box by Thursday eve would be even better.