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An Endeavor To Mathematically Gauge Political Bias In The Media

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, yours truly determined that the continued possession of a television set meant I would eventually wind up in a hand surgeon’s office after punching a hole through the screen while perusing Sunday morning political shows. I’ve already been in a hand surgeon’s office once in my life (a story for another time), so I gave the television away.

Nobody blinked at the facts as presented – it would be a futile effort. The investigator would be ostracized. Concerted biases I thought. And unless one could provide definitive proof of leaning and/or collusion, through the universal language of numbers, the pillage of critical thought would continue unmitigated.

My skill has always been developing hypotheses based on casual observation of the natural world, documenting inference, inquiring, and pondering; I knew there was no way I could design formulae for measuring political bias, left or right, in the media. So I hired a couple of bona-fide mathmeticians; they cranked away while I sculpted an interface for data collection.