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Less than a minute to utter satisfaction

Can a fly-fishing video sum up the the singular obsession, the wanton desire, the unnatural affinity…in under a minute?

Yes it can.

MG signing off (to watch it again)

NZ to crack down hard on their own

New Zealand has a bill on the platter that would hit local spammers with extremely stiff fines. If busted while sending spam from the homeland, spamming companies would face fines up to $500,000, and individuals could get hit for up to $200,000.

Unfortunately, New Zealand can’t do much to stop spam emanating from other countries. But if Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties in Florida could band together for similar action, maybe we might see some spam relief.

FTC cracking pornheads in Florida

The FTC has many some small headway in the fight against pornographic spam by imposing some hefty fines on a group of website operators and their affiliates. Unfortunately, I have to call it “small headway” because the group was limited to four payees, and they coughed up roughly $1.2 million.

Included were BangBros.com Inc. of Miami at $650,000, MD Media of Bingham Farms, Michigan with $239,000, APC Entertainment Inc. of Davie, Florida at $220,000, and Pure Marketing Solutions LLC of Miami and Internet Matrix Technology of New Orleans together for $50,000. Just have to say that Florida is living up to its reputation as a spam haven; I wonder how long it will be until South Florida upends Southern California as the porn capital as well.

Sunny South Florida – spam/scam central

Can I get away from the spammers? It is more than irony that I grew up in South Florida, and wound up in Colorado. Both are home to big time spam operations (although one might be on its deathbed about now), yet I put Spamroll together for an unrelated reason. Huh. Maybe there is something to all that “fate” malarkey.

Anyway, the Sun Sentinel put together this piece which outlines exactly how big the problem is in the lower Sunshine State. A full quarter of the top spam dogs tracked by Spamhaus are in the area.

That doesn’t surprise me.