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Even the fishing set needs a little education

If there was any doubt in my mind that the constant vigilance against ad tracking I’ve employed was futile effort, it is now gone…


Maybe it’s just punishment for my persistent use of the interwebs to check the weather in Hartsel, CO (a.k.a. Redneck Disneyland), in hopes of seeing it scream TORNADO FORCE WINDS AND COLDER THAN SIBERIA since I’m not actually there.

Total Fly Fishing Emersion Weekend – Day 2

The second day of Total Fly Fishing Emersion Weekend was somewhere between an outstanding success and a complete bust. Events of this extended nature usually require some semblance of stamina, but when you decide you are going to drive 200 miles to fish gold medal water after drinking the bar dry the night before, you might want to at least make sure the weather is decent. We were too hungover to check.

Cold Second DayDown in South Park the winds were howling (with gust to 60+ mph). I don’t mind the wind too much, but it does force out the six-weight – unfortunately, the pupil was using the only one I had not specifically slated for streamer tossing, and it didn’t help either. We had temps in the low 30s, and spotty sun to boot. I picked up one rainbow in the four pound range (considered small for this stretch at this time of year). Didn’t bother pulling out the camera – that would have required removing gloves – and after walking the pup cross stream, netting, and then handing my rod to Chris, I hooked a fat sparkle worm through my jacket and got the line wrapped around my neck (twice). Sometime during the frustrating scramble I pushed the poor trout back home, realizing it wasn’t a carp that could survive unfazed on the beach for minutes while I untangled myself (and probably wasn’t supposed to be caught anyway).

We called the bar on the way home, and low and behold they got a new shipment in. The third day of Total Fly Fishing Emersion Weekend has therefore been canceled – we are breaking the bank and the alarm clocks, all in the name of beer.

South Park brown trout about to get busy

Marshall says:

The browns and the fall spawing rainbows are staging in the inlet for their run up the middle fork of the South Platte. In a week or so areas like Badger Basin and Tomahawk will be hot with big browns spawning.

Best you leave them be so we can have tons of wee little baby brown trout next year.

I’ll of course be observing this precious wildlife on a new hook for a new book.

Editor’s note: Please don’t step on those inviting beds of fine gravel. It’s quite easy to fish from shore in most of these places – if you can’t cast a bugger across a 25 foot wide stretch of water without stepping on our fine finned friends’ beds, I’ll be glad to give you a quick casting lesson. You wouldn’t want someone stepping all over you while you’re getting busy, now would you?

I went fishing in South Park, but all I got was this stinking tornado

Filled up the truck and drove to South Park. Stripped streamers all morning while everyone else nymphed. And everyone got into fish but me, unless you consider a sucker on a brown woolie bugger a fish (which I don’t).

We had a fine picnic lunch and then headed back out. Nary an hour had passed when the skies grew dark – then I saw lightning and called everyone back to the vehicle for a little sit and wait. I was minutes from taking a snooze when I looked in the side mirror and saw a funnel cloud forming behind us. Needless to say we immediately hauled butt out of there.

After putting a extra mile or so between us and the storm, I beckoned for the camera from my vest, and caught these:



We went up to the mercantile store in Hartsel and chatted with the nice lady at the counter. She was working the radio when we heard the call for emergency assistance. At least a dozen sets of flashing lights roared down SR 24 over the next fifteen minutes. We waited a bit to see if there was any need for volunteer assistance (which didn’t happen), and then we high-tailed it home through some more nasty weather.

Now safe and sound, and I’ve since heard on the news that there were a few tumbled vehicles around Eleven Mile Reservoir but (very thankfully) no serious injuries. And that news was the best part of the day.

SIDE NOTE: Ok, so I got outfished and we had plenty of laughs about it too. And, tornado or no tornado, the worst day on the river is still better than the best day sipping lattes in some cafe in the city. Nonetheless, hearing that nobody was badly hurt was welcome relief.