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Unwrap the reward around Splogs

Having two spam filters on your blog is enough to manage – sweeping out the leaks just makes it more of a pain in the ass. But one must remember that a lot of this problem is inherent in the communal nature of blogs themselves – the abiliity to comment and link to them. Google’s inbound link-based algorithms cannot be held solely to blame – this was never anticipated when they started their quest.

As Tom Hespos so accurately points out, when the rewards associated with blogging are pilfered by the rats (the spam blogs), those driving the process ( legitimate bloggers) will move onto other things.

What if the reward was stripped from the spam blogs?

Study underestimates spam pings by 24%

Steve Rubel over at Micro Persuasion notes that a recent study pegged 75% of blog pings as spam. I think the number is more like 99%, but who’s asking me anyway.

Free blog spam, or is that free spam blog

While hundreds, or thousands or millions of new blogs are being created each day (I have heard all those numbers spewed), I never thought the crap would reach such a crecendo.

Google’s Blogger offering has been under extreme heat as of late. No sooner did Blogger released its MS Word to blog tool, then people cryed out that now it would be even easier to create spam blogs. And if a recent report is correct in saying that 60% of all Blogspot sites are spam blogs already, then maybe they have a point.

And the battle keeps raging.