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Infamous spammer rumored to be in jail

Techdirt notes that infamous spammer Alan Ralsky is rumored to have been busted and is now behind bars. Furthermore, the talk is he may sing, meaning more arrests could follow.

The chatter is running on this thread at news.admin.net-abuse.email (via Google Groups), as is the skepticism.

It is known that Ralsky was knocked off his spam king perch months ago (after a previous FBI raid), nevertheless, a DOJ press release would help a lot right now.

Spam King no more

Brian McWilliams, author of Spam Kings and the Spam Kings Blog, is moving on.

I for one hope you found something enjoyable to do, Brian. Best wishes to you.



Find a safer way to break the spammers’ bank

I am fully supportive of ways to extract the financial incentives out of spam. The money is what drives spammers, and if you take the reward out of the equation, the spam should stop. People are trying to do this, but some of the measures are going to get them in trouble. Vigilant action may satisfy individual desires for contribution to the fight, but I hope people think about the consequences while they are at it.

Congratulations to Spam Kings winners

Just want to send a quick thanks to Ethan Preston of eplaw.us for his contributions on the legal issues regarding spam, and Grant Barrett of Double-Tongued Word Wrester for his interesting insights on the world of communication. These fellows got free copies of Spam Kings: The Real Story behind the High-Rolling Hucksters Pushing Porn, Pills, and %*@)# Enlargements to boot, so I guess that is thanks in itself.

A Review Of Brian McWilliams’s Spam Kings

Brian McWilliams has put together a book suitable for shelving next to The DaVinci Code and the Bat Book, with Spam Kings – The Real Story Behind the High-Rolling Hucksters Pushing Porn, Pills, and @*#?% Enlargements.

Privacy rights start with email address care

Brian McWilliams, author of Spam Kings, recently noted one of his colleagues, Frederic Aoun, had a interesting, if not so serious solution to the spam problem. Bust up the spammers’ customers along with the spammers. Well, that is already happening, in an indirect way of course, to those very customers right now.