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Hong Kong to enact some kinda spam law

The Hong Kong authorities have finally decided to enact some type of spam law. They have not said exactly what this law will look like, or what exactly it will do, but they have announced it nonetheless. They have said it will come into play sometime in 2006, which should give spammers, scammers, phishers, trojan writers, and malicious website designers plenty of time to innovate beyond whatever they come up with.

Maybe this is all a big PR move, since everyone already thinks all spam comes from China.

UK Spam Laws stop spammers by the Dixie-cup load

This revelation might just make the British think twice about pawning all the responsibility off on their ISPs.

Not a single spammer prosecuted is the word from merry ol’ England. Ridiculously low fines and a ton of loopholes are to blame.

Spamroll thinks the UK should call on the United Nations for help with their spam issues. Then they can blame yet someone else when nothing gets done.