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Spam going nowhere

According to Bruce Schneier, spam is going nowhere (except in your inbox).

I’m still waiting for some spam to hit my Blackberry. Maybe those Blackberry guys took all the embedded cryptography in it from Bruce, and he somehow holds the keys to stopping spam (we know Bill Gates doesn’t), or maybe the fact that I have 70 different spam filters I run all my mail through is the reason why I don’t get any email at all!

Trojans – they’re not just for kids anymore

A trojan was recently found that installs it’s own anti-virus scanner. On top of that, the virus uses peer-to-peer technology to communicate with other infected computers. Jon Stewart (no, not the comedian turned political pundit) a researcher at SecureWorks, noted:

“This the first time I’ve seen this done. [It] gets points for originality.”

“SpamThru” installs a pirated copy of Kaspersky AntiVirus for WinGate, which then deletes competing malware to free up system resources for SpamThru’s email barrage.

Can’t malware just get along? How inconsiderate.

Daily Kos: Don’t spam me!

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, founder of the venerable Daily Kos blog, is pleading with his followers: Don’t spam me, please.

I am not sure if this is self-aggrandization or what, but..

If I was an infamous political blogger getting hammered by email from people looking for money and favors, just a few weeks before an election, the last thing I would do is beg for mercy on the internet.

PS: You have to love the whole “irrelevant crap” bit too.

UPDATE: Almost forgot – I did like his book, but, didn’t I say you’d have a hard time controlling the crew?

Who eats spam anyway?

Spam has taken over, in more ways than your indox. Hormel, maker of the luncheon meat, lost it’s bid for the “spam” trademark, raising some serious questions:

1) What exactly is that “spicy luncheon meat?”
2) Does this mean I can buy keywords on Google now?
3) Who eats spam anyway (besides SpamAssassin)?

3600 spams and counting

Troy Angrignon is having increasing difficulties managing his spam. According to Troy, even with the use of Gmail his inbox is filling up at a rate of one every nine minutes. Of course, spam seems to come in bundles, and he probably checked at an optimum time of day, but who the hell cares.

Meanwhile, others believe email is going to take a hit in the business world. That probably wouldn’t be such a bad thing – not only is spam becoming a bigger percentage of business email, but people tend to use email to carry on entire conversations over the course of the day. It’s damn aggravating, and I think quite unproductive.

Someone use the fricken phone, will ya?

On crocodile hunting, a very sad world indeed

Many (including myself) were sad to hear Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, was killed by stingray barb while filming a recent documentary. It is even sadder that spammers would take advantage of the incident to harvest email address.

Very sad indeed.

Earthlink takes $11 million in spam suit

There are a lot of people in the world that hate corporate America – I’m not one of them. They are pounding spammers with reckless abandon and the latest win is at Earthlink, where a judge has awarded them $11 million from the pockets of a mortgage spammer.

I was wondering when mortgage spammers were going to get a clue – the real estate boom looks like it is over. Since that didn’t get them to stop, maybe this Earthlink win will.

Mid-week Spam News Roundup

All you hear about these days is spyware and viruses. Whether transported via email or your favorite social website, spam is not getting it’s fair shake nowadays. So for all you spam lovers out there, here are a few tidbits on our old friend spam:

– Notorious AOL spammer Jeremy Jaynes is still headed for jail, after losing his appeal against tough Virginia spam laws. The North Carolinan’s argument – jurisdictional.

– Microsoft won a civil case against spammer Paul Fox, based on breach of contract. Fox used Hotmail for spamming, a violation of MS’s terms of service. Britain’s anti-spam laws were just too weak for Microsoft – mean the government isn’t going to change them now that they realize litigious corporate America will do their work for them.

– An Australian man is being accused of sending two billion spam emails, for Viagra. He wouldn’t have done it if there wasn’t so much demand – this proves humans are still horny, and many are still ugly. I am waiting for the conspiracy theorists to suggests Pfizer’s complicity, but something tells me the company is having no problems selling its product without spammers’ help.

– The spam copywriters’ union is about to go on strike, as spam email messages go subliminal.

Have a nice day.

The Chinese fine their own

A company in China was just fined by its government for spamming.

Yes. That would be the same Chinese that people point the finger at for the spam problem, while guys in Boca Raton, Florida are laughing.

Test your ability to avoid spam

Whenever you put your email address into a web form, you run the risk of getting spammed. Unfortunately, if you never disclose your email address, you might never be able to sign up for a slick new service. You’ll be forced to read third hand news all day, as that is about all you’d be able to do on the net.

Do you have what it takes to avoid the spam? Can you read a home page like a book? Pick out the avoidance language in a site’s privacy policy? Well, McAfee SiteAdvisor is challenging you on those premises, with their new spam quiz.

It is tougher than you think! I won’t tell you how I scored yet, but I am curious to hear how others do, and why.