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SpamLookup lovers speak out again

In the never ending battle against weblog comment and trackback spam, MovableType’s SpamLookup is a gem. I’ve said it before – I use it, and I get very manageable levels of blog spam. Seems I am not alone (again).

Note: Spamroll and its author have absolutely no affiliation with SixApart, other than being a paid licensee of their software.

New spam defenses for Movable Type users

Bloggers have long been peppered with comment and trackback spam. It is a pervasive problem directly related to the gaming of search engines, of which the the biggest target seems to be Google.

Then along came MT-Blacklist, and at least Movable Type users received some relief. Now, one of the folks responsible for Movable Type development has come up with a new plugin with a number of feature enhancements, that may soon supplant it.