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Infamous spammer rumored to be in jail

Techdirt notes that infamous spammer Alan Ralsky is rumored to have been busted and is now behind bars. Furthermore, the talk is he may sing, meaning more arrests could follow.

The chatter is running on this thread at news.admin.net-abuse.email (via Google Groups), as is the skepticism.

It is known that Ralsky was knocked off his spam king perch months ago (after a previous FBI raid), nevertheless, a DOJ press release would help a lot right now.

Diet Patch Spammer CANNED

Diet patch seller Phoenix Avatar settled charges from the Federal Trade Commission that it violated CAN-SPAM and the FTC Act. The consequences, however, would lead any spammer to believe that CAN-SPAM violations are a bit of a joke.

Spammer sues spammed

I don’t think that this one has a leg to stand on, but I picked it up via Spam Kings: Spam Kings Blog: Cruisin’ for a legal bruisin’. It seems Mark Mumma – I take it he is some type of sys admin/small ISP/something else I can’t quite figure out – has made a little side career out of suing spammers. Now they have bit back.

I have a few questions/points about this…..

Politicians: Spamming Enemy #1

Tony Blair is a spammer. Everyone else has already covered this story, so I won’t say much more. Politicians are worthy of very little of my CPU’s time. Here you go: Scotsman.com News – Latest News – Prime Minister Accused of Sending Out Spam.