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80/20 rule applies to spam and spammers

It really is more like the 99.99/.01 rule, but you get the idea. Better than 80% of the spam created is the work of just a few hundred spammers.

This goes to show you how unbelievably insecure the network is. While most of this spam originates at the 200 sources, it certainly isn’t all sent out by them – it is home PCs turned into spam-spewing zombies that take care of distribution.

I take it that is Windows PCs, as I haven’t heard anyone say otherwise (to date).

FTC says come play with us, neighbor

The FTC has been on a roll. They know CAN-SPAM doesn’t work and continue cracking down on the sleaziest of spam – all the while politicking for change.

Now they are enlisting additional help, across borders, and technical too. The name of the game this time is proxypot, as in spam honeypots placed on open proxy servers that spammers are likely to target for distribution of their messages.

No doubt it is an interesting approach. Honeypots have been used for a while to get spammers on blacklists, and now they are being leveraged for criminal action. The only thing I wonder is how long it is going to be before spammers start screaming entrapment.

Bringing new meaning to Infrastructure In-Fighting

I originally created the “Infrastructure In-Fighting” category at Spamroll as a topic center for the fight between various anti-spam technologies jockeying for position. It soon became a nice spot for all the new products and technologies fighting spam.

But now that spammers, hackers (whathaveyou) are fighting amongst themselves, I see new meaning in the term.

NZ to crack down hard on their own

New Zealand has a bill on the platter that would hit local spammers with extremely stiff fines. If busted while sending spam from the homeland, spamming companies would face fines up to $500,000, and individuals could get hit for up to $200,000.

Unfortunately, New Zealand can’t do much to stop spam emanating from other countries. But if Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach counties in Florida could band together for similar action, maybe we might see some spam relief.

ISP exclusively for anti-spammers

I am going to count the seconds after I post this, until someone says Spamroll is run by spammers again. After the minor ruckus my review of Spam Kings caused, I don’t think it will take long.

While I don’t think for a moment that showing “common respect and decency to all” is going to solve any spam problems, I thought this item was pretty funny, considering the recent circumstances.

One more time…users help spammers

I know this subject has been beat senseless, but it is still alive and deserves some more. Repeat after me (and Vnunet.com News), Spam can’t be canned until email users wise up!

I couldn’t hear you, so more to come.

Spammers CAN-SPAM excuse canned

Aunty Spam posted this quick and dirty analysis of why spammers can’t hide behind CAN-SPAM and pursue ISPs for blocking their email: CAN-SPAM Allows ISPs to Filter Email – Reported by Aunty Spam’s Net Patrol. Nice work.

Spammers are chasing ISPs because that is where the money trail ends. If an ISP uses Linux serves, and has Sendmail/SpamAssassin running, the dirty little spam-muffin can’t really sue the software company, as that stuff is open source. As the combination takes care of clear majority of the traffic out there, spammers turn to those who installed it.

Good thing our court system has this little concept called “precedence” imbedded in its thinking. A couple of quick decisions by some standup judges will stop this whining, and shut one more door on spam.