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Recent spam busts a circle of friends?

I don’t have time today to check this out (how irresponsible, eh?) but I’ve been told that the suits and fines I “reported” on earlier today are linked together. According to an anonymous tip, Gratis Internet was the main cog, selling lists to Datran (which Spitzer got a hold of), and Jumpstart (which was just fined by the FTC).

Gratis who just got sued in NY sold the lists to Datran and Jumpstart. Spitzer got Datran and the Feds got Jumpstart. Datran doesn’t seem to have violated CAN-SPAM, but did violate the privacy policies which is how Spitzer got them. I’ll bet the Feds took Jumpstart away from Spitzer because of CAN-SPAM.

I suspect the next one will be JDR that Gratis sold the lists to. See the legal complaint against them to see who else they worked with.

Looks like Datran was trying to do the right thing but didn’t know who they were buying from. The Gratis lawsuit (item 41) indicates they thought they were getting a legal list.

Can’t get to digging up the complaint, so I can’t validate any of this – but it is interesting, and none too surprising. Can someone throw the community a bone here? Almost forgot – thanks for the write in.

Scott Richter’s coming out party – invitations questionable

Spamroll hasn’t followed the trials and tribulations of the Scott Richter/OptInRealBig bankruptcy cases in a while, well because it all seemed like such old hat. Richter had been taken off of ROSKO, and I figured it was only a matter of time before he and his band of lawyers figured a way out of the mess.

It now seems they have.

Mommy, Elliot won’t share

There is little doubt that Elliot Spitzer has done some good on behalf of the little guy. Determinably anti-establishment, Spitzer has attacked the mutual fund industry and the insurance industry, on top of spending a little time on spamming (he is partially responsible for outing OptInRealBig, and exacerbating its bankruptcy).

But we all know the guy is about politics first and foremost (meaning there is something in it for him too). So when I hear about some new initiative out the New York AG’s office that sounds a bit off, I first wonder whether the traditional news media just got it wrong again. Once I rule that out, I then wonder what else our “friend” in New York is thinking.