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Comment spam – splog problem or smog problem?

Boing Boing founder and co-editor Mark Frauenfelder likened comment spam to environmental polution, saying:

“You have to waste brain cycles to filter it out, or, if you own a blog, you have to go through extraordinary measures to keep it out.”

Can’t target Boing Boing for any funnies here, as the blog beats Spamroll’s traffic by what…10 trillion X? But I can say that the extent of my wasted brainpower was installing the latest version of MovableType with its newest spam filtering capabilities. Since then, virtually nothing (at least that is causing me any headaches that is).

Blogger is still going…

but how about the spam? I haven’t seen much in the way blog spam coming from Blogspot as of late. Chris Pirillo was screaming bloody murder about it a few months back, as were other high-profile types.

What happened to Google’s splogs? Did someone put the breaks on it, or is everyone still having a problem with it (and it just so happened to be the sensationalist news of the day)?

Unwrap the reward around Splogs

Having two spam filters on your blog is enough to manage – sweeping out the leaks just makes it more of a pain in the ass. But one must remember that a lot of this problem is inherent in the communal nature of blogs themselves – the abiliity to comment and link to them. Google’s inbound link-based algorithms cannot be held solely to blame – this was never anticipated when they started their quest.

As Tom Hespos so accurately points out, when the rewards associated with blogging are pilfered by the rats (the spam blogs), those driving the process ( legitimate bloggers) will move onto other things.

What if the reward was stripped from the spam blogs?

At least Splogs don’t kill…yet

Splogs are being called a great new tool for spammers, but a least RSS feeds don’t include trojan file attachments that spy on you, trash your system, or empty your bank account.

At least not yet.