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The pitfalls of going iPhone

You held off, and now have to explain to all your early adopter cohorts why you made the move. If you’re smart, you’ll regurgitate a few obscure specifications, wowing them with your technical know-how. If you’re lucky those listening are holding iPhone 3’s; if you are very lucky they’re holding five year old Windows Mobile devices. All is good in iOS Land, unless of course you’re me.

Sponge Bob iPhone Case

Anonymous Bob

A SpongeBob Squarepants iPhone case was waiting on my doorstep this evening. I didn’t order it, and while it appears to have come from Amazon the buyer was very clever, picking an Amazon seller located somewhere in east Asia. I am certain this is a blatant slight against the device.

It could be worse than actually dropping the phone during the first two weeks of use, but at least the cover wasn’t the Hello Kitty version.

MG signing off (to track down the practical joke-ster, and thank them for the laugh)