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You say sponsors, I say suckers

Monday’s announcement that sponsors are hopping off the Lance Armstrong SAG wagon should come as no surprise to anyone. Big names including Anheuser-Busch, Nike, Oakley, and Radio Shack are now getting a front-row lesson in brand crisis management.

Unwilling to transparently differentiate, to provide conspicuously ascertainable value in excess of their competitors, these companies latched on to the pre-established success of others in the hopes of generating interest in their offerings. Instead they received a fleeting display of vainglorious associative disorder and a fat bill from the agency that placed them there.

How a brewer of alcoholic beverages hoped to raise brand awareness through bicycle racing seems particularly laughable, but you can be fairly certain some heavily massaged focus group results were the culprit. The US Postal Service receives nary a mention in this debacle, but rumor has it they have bigger issues to worry about.

MG signing off (because lipstick on a pig is still downright ugly)

Get yourself ready for Carp Slam 2010

It’s bigger! It’s better! It’s a tournament for the ages! It’s Carp Slam ’10!

Coming to you straight from the e. Coli, arsenic, selenium and ammonia laden waters of the urban South Platte River*, Carp Slam is pure adrenaline, but not without a splash of irony. You wade these “contaminated” waters, supposedly too caustic for any living creature to inhabit, chasing the wiliest game fish on the planet…the common carp?

Yes, carp might be the toughest fish to hook on a fly, but that’s actually when the fun begins. Despite the FUD, these fish thrive in the urban waters, and can grow to 40 pounds or more. They’ve adapted to low oxygen environments, regulating their own body’s systems with such astounding efficiency that you can actually leave one on the bank for ten minutes plus. When you drop it back in the river it simply swims away. They run like freight trains, and are responsible for more broken fly rods than any other fish save tarpon and marlin.

Want to prove you’re the best of the best? Chase carp during Carp Slam ’10! It’s a two day event this year, with the infamous Pro-Am occurring Saturday, August 21st, and a new open format happening the next day. With big swinging stick sponsors, prize money is now into four digits for the winners.

But the best part about Carp Slam is this: money raised from the event is being used to clean up that river, including but not limited to getting rid of the contaminants that otherwise inhibit the introduction of even more species to the waterway!

Full details come after the jump.

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Tuesday Tidbits

Mixed messages

  • Dirt is the next growth industry? Interesting expose of the problem of the shrinking amount of arable land after clicking through, although not much in the way of recommended solutions. It seems, however, that the world has a growing problem with carbon in the air, and not enough in the soil. Hmm.
  • I’ve watched about five minutes of the Olympics, and that was from a bar in Silverthorne while taking a break between line wetting sessions (happily, it was the Polish womens’ volleyball team that caught my eye). The whole IOC just seems pathetic to me, and here’s proof of my inclinations.
  • Fly fishing folks are the finest around. Not only do they (mostly) take great interest in the care of their stomping grounds (and hopefully their quarry), they are also highly compassionate. Don’t feed feral goats – adopt a lonely sofa today!
  • Warm and fuzzies complete. Now, if you think the markets have already hit bottom, think again. John Mauldin explains why.
  • And last but certainly not least…

  • Three simple reasons (in pictorial) why fishing in Alaska might not be for the faint of heart. Dummies…you’re catching someone else’s lunch!