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A brief comparative summary of the economic impact of sports

It’s another in a long line of sketchy analyses by yours truly, but at least one person found it kind of interesting.

Here’s the revenue generated by major professional sports in the US, taken from the Sporting News, in 2008:

  • National Football League – $6.7 billion
  • National Basketball League – $3.4 billion
  • Major League Baseball – $6.1 billion
  • National Hockey League – $2.3 billion
  • The grand total from these venerable enterprises: $18.5 billion.

    By comparison, the American Sportfishing Association estimates that recreation fishing generates over $45 billion per year in retail sales alone.

    If professional sports income grew by 10% over the last year – a highly doubtful scenario considering the state of the general economy – it would be banging around the $21 billion mark. If the indirect economic benefit of major league sports was, say, five times what the groups reported in revenue – also highly doubtful, since most of those types of estimates are made by governmental bodies vainly attempting to justify the massive public tax dollars used to bring teams to town – they’d hit the $125 billion mark.

    But then they would equal the sport fishing industry’s estimated impact on the economy.

    Right about now I would otherwise say “just saying.” But it’s a tiresome phrase. Instead I’ll ask…

    What am I missing?