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StopBadware needs to HoldPresses

StopBadware, the powerhouse coalition brought together to warn folks about dangerous internet sites, doesn’t seem to be working too hard. As Techdirt points out, it doesn’t take much to get on the list, but it is a pain in the ass to get off.

Add to that the fact that Google (in cooperation with WebSense), is warning people via their site, can really put a damper on your traffic even if you aren’t guilty.

I previously mentioned that StopBadware should probably agree on a scope for what constitutes “XYZware” before they got rolling, but I guess I was wrong. They are just taking everyone’s (and anyone’s) word for it.

Spyware coalition on verge of breakthrough report

StopBadware.org, that coalition of smarties aiming to, uh, stop badware in its tracks, is about to release its first report. This report is rumored to contain a doosie – that P2P file sharing software like Kazaa may contain spyware!

The group will recommend..

“that users stay away from Kazaa and three other programs that can be combined with Trojans and bots for use in data theft attacks.”

Damn, am I glad those guys are around. Who would of thought?

Powerhouse Coalition To Fight Spyware With Publicity

Harvard and Oxford Universities, Consumer Reports, Google, Lenovo, and Sun are teaming up to fight spyware but publicising spyware/adware laden software and the companies that produce it. They’ve set up shop at StopBadware.org.

I first have to wonder if they know something the rest of us don’t – in order to publish this stuff, don’t you have to first agree on a scope for what constitutes spyware? Or do you just post everything you think might be spyware, then wait for the companies involved to piss and moan, and then sue. Maybe looking to the law is not such a bad idea.