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Fly fishing hacks: self-studded rubber-soled wading boots

Self-studded wondersAs much as I like those Weinbrenner wading boots I picked up a few months back, the fact remains they have rubber soles. Rubber soles just don’t grip like felt, but with the latter quickly going the way of the buggy whip I thought I’d make a few tweaks to mine. The improvement? Studs.

Materials/tools I used

– Weinbrenner Propex boots with Goodyear Aquastealth soles
– #6 x 3/8″ zinc sheet metal screws
– A drill with a 5/64″ bit
– A socket wrench

What I did

I first marked a pattern across the boot bottom. I chose eleven spots on each boot – fairly sparse, guaranteeing I’ll still have some rubber on the road. Next, I drilled holes at each mark just a 1/4″ into the boot (slightly less than the screw length) – I wrapped the bit with masking tape that 1/4″ above the tip to ensure I didn’t drill through the sole. I started each screw by hand, and then finished each off with the socket.


MG signing off (to test them on the river full of slimy rocks)