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Plug-n-Play and the Dumbing Down of America

As a whole, Americans are not keen to learn about computer technology. If you are proficient in multiple platforms, an amateur or professional coder, or a network admin (present or former), I think you know what I mean. Someone recently commented to me, “Boy, would I be happy to work in an organization where I wasn’t the CFO’s personal tech assistant.” That is sad. Even at the upper echelons of Corporate America, people just don’t understand, or want to understand, computing. They would rather let someone else do it for them. In other words, they are lazy, and laziness is going to hurt.

Some say “I don’t have time for that stuff.” Well, they had time to learn how to drive their fancy new car, program time, date, and content settings on their TIVO, and plug in that new Xbox (just be careful with the plug…!) But they don’t seem to want to learn anything about the next device to become a staple consumer product in our increasingly connected world, the personal computer.

It is not all their fault.