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OpenID, step-by-step

OpenID, the distributed identity management system, has been around for a while. Nobody really pays much attention to it because it was invented by the LiveJournal crew (think Brad Fitzgerald), and the general consensus around the blogosphere is that LiveJournal is a platform everyone would like to forget even exists. Why? It doesn’t cater to brown-nosers – so brown-nosers don’t cater to it. LiveJournal’s 12 million accounts don’t seem to care, and neither does some big names like Verisign (who have tentatively embraced OpenID).

Having tooled with LiveJournal for five or so minutes (x 10^5), I have to say it is a big pain in the ass, but it works, and works well. OpenID is no different, albeit the implementation in LJ is used only to authenticate comments. Blog tracker Technorati decided to adopt OpenID standards for claiming blogs, and a newer version 2 is in box – now folks are waking up. At least a bit.

Meanwhile, here’s a good primer on how to create your own OpenID, as well as where you can presently use it.

Good Content versus Tricked Distribution

A colleague and I have been running a jointed, intermittent conversation on the merits of good content. He spends a lot of time expounding on the issues of poor or untruthful press coverage, the sheer enormity of blogs out there, and questions why nobody has done it quite right. I have to agree – Thoughtmarket smells a bit putrid at times, but at least I know it.

Then, early last week he directed me to Remove Forebrain and Serve: Tag Clouds II, from Jeffrey Zeldman, and it struck a cord.

There are spam blogs, and then there are SPAM BLOGS#*$@&!

Adrants posted this quicky (see Adrants: Weblogs Are The New Spam) regarding a report by Dave Sifry of Technorati, pointing out blogs as the latest spam culprit. They used the term “horrifically depressing” right at the front of the post, for additional FUD factoring.

Thank goodness Dave responded, to clarify matters.