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The guinea pig was injured

This site acts not just as a outlet for my aimless blathering wit and charm; it also serves as a test bed for certain web development clients. I use it because it has relatively few plugins, was faced with a customized theme, and runs on a server I tweaked; factors those customer sites also share. The sites I work on are also extremely stable, and I do believe that those cutting the checks appreciate it. After all, I am willing to thrash my own product to make theirs better, which is precisely what happened yesterday. Except that shit (the proverbial kind) hit the fan, and I was forced to recover a backup database and activate WordPress.org’s Twenty Twelve default theme.

So, if you happen to be one of those folks who was waiting on a nifty feature I promised, you might have to wait just a little longer. At least it will be rock solid when it is delivered, but you already knew that. And if you are someone who paid for a bit of exposure, I will pat your back, so no need to ask where your advertisement disappeared to.

MG signing off (because the guinea pig was injured, but the vet is the best there is)