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Premium-rate texting trojan hits phones

For those of you with fancy Java-enabled phones and a penchant for mad text messaging, you may want to check your bill closely next month. A Java-based trojan has been discovered in the wild, and it’s making phones text premium rate services.

I’m not personally worried, as the keypad on my $350 phone is too small for text messaging, meaning ANY messages on my bill would be a red flag. I ignore the fact that I have no friends to text message, and that I couldn’t afford to do it anyway (as I am still trying to pay off the phone).

He must be a spammer!

I read this post over at textually.org, and immediately assumed the kid must be spamming. Even if it is [more than] a bit inefficient, who the heck would pump out 8,000 text messages a month unless it was making them some money (or getting them “some action”)?

My second thought was I have turned into a crazed, hyper-obsessive, spammer-hunter. (Note to self: Stop It).