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Thanksgiving calls for cheap whiskey

Old Crow ReserveSome say it’s all about the bird. Not one for modesty, I declare I’ve perfected the turkey, and have a mashed potato concoction that blows socks off too. Never been much for dressing, and sadly never got a handle on the drink, thinking wine and beer somewhat passé for such a special occasion and a leading cause of naptime before the pumpkin pie is served…travesty! Thankfully someone is covering the problem.

Check out Deadspin’s list of cheap bourbons. All under $15.

That is all.

MG signing off (to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving)


The only way to travel, stress free…

Catered Thanksgiving

MG signing off (thankful that I didn’t have to peel potatoes all morning long)

This Thanksgiving

I could spin a heartwarming tale, but that’s already been done. Instead, I’ll stick to the cold, hard facts.

I am thankful for the everyday vegetable peeler. Because if such an implement didn’t exist, prepping ten pounds of potatoes would wind up a bloody mess.

potato peeler

Instead of just a mess.

MG signing off (because that is all…and I have to start cooking those spuds)

Post-Thanksgiving things to be thankful for

A list not worth saving

  • I’m thankful one of my guests yesterday was an attorney.  He’s already threatened to sue me over my cooking and I need a good lawsuit to keep my mind off work this holiday season.
  • US investors should be thankful for the SEC. They’re keeping their priorities straight.
  • The fishing industry should be thankful that nobody weighed this roosterfish.  They’re gonna save a lot of endorsement money as a result.
  • Retailers should be thankful gas prices are plummeting.  Consumer confidence is on the rise, just in time for the holidays.
  • Social network addicts should be thankful they have so many online friends, and that getting rid of them is such a good laugh for the rest of us.
  • And…

  • Those that have written off the mainstream media and its associated lackeys as toddlers in constant need of a new binky should be thankful that there are still some real grownups around.
  • Adieu.

    A bird in fridge is safer than one over head

    We’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, and the gathering is going to be a little more intimate than in years past. Hence, out goes the 23+ pounder and in comes the 15’er…

    Shrinkage is not so much a result of the number of mouths being fed as the host’s ongoing propensity to hoard leftovers.

    I’d disclose the double-super-top-secret recipe but nobody returned their confidentiality agreement – for those without security clearances I can say it involves lots of paprika, oranges, onions, and honey. The preparation process for the mashers, however, is not classified – once you’ve completed the squashing, make sure to add in a brick of cream cheese and an ample supply of sour cream. Finish with finely hand-diced garlic, lightly sprinkled while churning.

    And don’t forget to bring dessert!

    Happy Thanksgiving to all.

    Holiday humor for the liberal in you

    Actually, you will probably get a chuckle out of this even if you are a moderate Republican. If you live in Utah or Idaho, just move on.