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Happy birthday to Jimmy

It’s Jim Freveletti’s birthday today – always a momentous occasion…

Chatting with Andrea on Skype, while the birthday boy butts in

Happy birthday Jimmy!

MG signing off (and wishing he was in Poggibonsi right now)

Editor’s note: Jimmy blogs [wildly] at jamesfreveletti.com. And you can follow the crazy wine dealer on Twitter too – just check in with @wineman2u. It’s worth the effort, but you’ll need lots of energy.

“Wine is like the clothes line of life”

My good friend Jim Freveletti and his wife Andrea had been talking for the better part of a year about moving to Italy. Jimmy asked my advice, and I said go (selfish motivation of paying them a visit notwithstanding)! A few months back they made the jump, and I convinced Jimmy to start blogging their new life at JamesFreveletti.com.

They are in the wine business, living in San Gio-something-or-other, and working for Torciano Winery in Poggibonsi – I remember the second location because it makes a great screaming intro every time he Skypes me, which is like twice a fricken day. Yesterday he rang to say he’d spent hours clearing a path through the garden on his property to make way for a clothesline. He described it as the 8th architectural wonder of the world…

Freveletti's clothesline
It’s crash and burn in a stiff wind, so please harvest the rosemary ahead of time

Jimmy probably didn’t realize I was going to re-purpose his photo (and the title for the post – yep, that’s his too) when it hit my inbox. But what’s a little copyright violation amongst friends? Every time he pings me, I simply remind him that there are mountains around his joint, and therefore streams to scope out. I’ll keep stealing his thunder until he finds them (and sends me a plane ticket).

He’s blogging the good life, and hopefully selling a lot of wine too. And I wish he and Andrea well.

As for their wet clothing, fuggetaboutit. Buy a dryer Jimmy!

Editor’s note: At least I think that’s rosemary in the foreground – maybe I should direct Jim to send some of it to Peter Harrison.