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The hack won’t always be that easy

I agree, to an extent, with the commentary over at the Register that paints hackers as casual thugs. It is awfully easy to connect to a free wi-fi hotspot, phish away for a few hours, then disappear into the dark. However, I have a sneaking suspicion it won’t be that easy for that long. Exploits may take strange shapes, but if a guy like Kevin Mitnick (a smart cookie) can get tracked around by cell phone signal (and many years ago to boot) and eventually busted, then I doubt the weekend warrior thief is going to dodge the bullet of the law for too long.

Of course, with data thieves getting mere slaps on wrist for stealing from internet users, it is no wonder the crime is viewed so casually.

My Data Feels Secure – Does Yours?

An interesting note was posted by Russell Beattie, entitled Mobile Security Thoughts. Getting some scoop on the Paris Hilton “My Phone Was Hacked Craze,” I think everyone will get the hint about mobile security after the read.

Unfortunately, CNN, in the tradition of mass media skewing the picture in a wide ranging attempt to scare the daylights out of everyone, posted their own version of how to protect yourself in: You and Paris Hilton can prevent identity theft. Sort of. – Feb. 22, 2005.

Sorry folks, but it isn’t going to work on its own.

While quoting some obscure security expert, CNN notes you should do things like shred your receipts before throwing them away. Hey, maybe we should stuff them in old mattresses until they fade!

The last check of my credit receipts showed a bunch of XXXX’s where the credit card number should be. And AMEX is happy to send me a new card every year, with a new account number, each time I “lose” it to kitchen scissors.

Yes, there are simpler (and some more complicated) ways you can protect your address book, your credit information, and your identity as a whole. And it doesn’t take a genius, as thieves are usually (I say USUALLY) pretty dumb to begin with.