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The truck is highly dependable. That fly rod casts smooth as butter. Those boots can be worn all day. That 1911 is not off-the-shelf. Those wool sweaters are warm. All Craftsman hand tools.

Charles Hugh-Smith poses the question

Being freed from being owned is a form of liberation with many manifestations.

The frenzied acquisition of more stuff is supposed to be an unalloyed good: good for “growth,” good for the consumer who presumably benefits from more stuff and good for governments collecting taxes on the purchase of all the stuff.

But the frenzy to acquire more stuff raises a question: do we own our stuff, or does our stuff own us?

MG signing off (to look for a shop that sells time)

Post Number 3,000

8 years, 10 months, 4 days. 3,000 posts. At an estimated average of 15 minutes per post, that’s 45,000 minutes…750 hours…31.25 days spent blogging. 31.25 / 3,228 days = 0.97% of that period producing what lies within.

What a goddamn waste of time. 😉

It took nearly four and a half years to reach 2,500, and roughly the same length of time to get here. Could be slowing down, but going to use the excuse that the extra time is now being spent on fancy writing.

MG signing off (to work on what’s next)

Inconspicuous Consumption

Virginia Postrel:

As peer groups get richer, the balance between private pleasure and publicly visible consumption shifts…

Their primary luxuries [become] time and attention.

You have to cut through the racial typing to get the meat of the issue, and I’m sure some folks will get it right away. But I am curious – if time is the new luxury, why do so many waste it sipping lattes in urban Starbucks?

Time Magazine doesn’t know jack

Time Magazine punted this year, and declared their “Person of the Year” was you. Yes, you. It was supposedly the year of user generated content – unfortunately, the magazine missed the boat. They forgot that all the user generated content sucks (Spamroll included) – everyone creating that content was too busy fighting viruses to producing anything of value.

Damn it, 2006 wasn’t the year of user generated content – it was was the Year of the Zombies!

Well, maybe Time did get it right; they just didn’t know it.

UPDATE: Even Microsoft gets it. Now, let’s see if they do something about it, since last time I checked Linux and OS X installs weren’t getting hijacked too often.