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Bahamian guides hit hard, so treat them well

From The Tribune:

An industry that contributes an estimated $141 million per annum to the Bahamian economy saw anywhere from a 30-50 per cent decline in business during 2009 due to the global recession, a study has revealed, heavily impacting Family Island economies such as Andros…

…Illustrating the recession’s impact on a flat fishing/guided fishing industry that is a key staple of the tourism economy in many Family Islands, the study said: “This dramatic drop in business has had its greatest impact on guides in two areas. First, guides on the margin, fishing less than 30 days per year and generally relying on referrals from other guides, reported the largest loss in business.

Even if they don’t put you onto your outlandish expectation of a 50 bonefish day (due primarily to your weak sidearm when the wind’s at your right), treat (i.e. tip) your guides well – they are working hard even if you are hopeless (like yours truly). It ensures you’ll be welcomed back with open arms when things pick up (and slots are tougher to come by).

(h/t Moldy Chum)