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LinkedIn tip sheet (and a “how do they do that?”)

Bernard Lunn started by comparing LinkedIn’s search feature to Google, and concluding the former was better. I found Mr. Lunn’s personal use cases even more intriguing than his headline, and think you should read it through. I’m sure folks can cook up even more derivatives of Mr. Lunn’s methods (and I’d love to hear about them).

Further, I find LinkedIn’s ability to find people for you even more fascinating. The first time I was exposed to the “you may know so-and-so” bit, the name was Adam Ostrow. I enjoy Adam’s take on the digital world, and link to Mashable every now and then – we exchanged a few emails about MindSay way back when as well. So I wrote the “you may know so-and-so” indicator off as some stealthy web-crawling on LinkedIn’s part. Since then, I’ve received a few more for a few more people, and most were probably from the same source. But just recently I received a “you may know so-and-so” for someone I conversed with briefly, some time ago. I never blogged the subject matter, never linked to the person (they don’t have a blog, but do have a simple brochure-style website) – we exchanged a few emails via POP clients, and talked on the phone a few times. That’s the extent of it. We are now connected on LinkedIn, but share no connections per se.

I really want to know…how do they do that?