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Book Review: Top of the Flood

topofthefloodWe were milling around the tarmac of Quinhagak airfield when Tosh Brown turned to me and said …

“With any luck I’ll be home for my birthday.”

“When is it?”


He’d already told me he was going to release a book around his birthday in 2014, but next year now took on entirely precise meaning. Having spent the past week zipping around on jetboats, freezing in chest deep tidewaters, and emptying fine Scotch bottles with the guy, I’d already heard enough stories to fill three volumes. Generated many a guffaw too, but I also assumed the book would be a rehash of what I’d already gotten a kick out of hearing first hand.

Never underestimate the adventures one can accumulate given fifty years, some college fraternity brothers, and a few kidney stones. It was all news to me, and I am glad I ignored the offer of a review copy and bought the book instead.

Part autobiography, part comic relief, Top of the Flood is a compendium of stories detailing Tosh’s fishing pursuits from the time he was knee-high to a grasshopper up to sending his children off to college. While Tosh is best know for capturing moments from behind the lens – that is until someone breaks off a hefty chrome-bright king right at the net, exacerbating the need for another line out – he can most certainly spin a yarn too. The tales are good ole’ fashioned life on the water, from hopping golf course fences at dawn and dusk to the pairing that just wouldn’t shut up about all the permit they’d never caught. Nary a vignette included that someone immersed in the sport can’t relate to.

There are a plethora of lessons within worth absorbing as well. Less cookie-cutter, fly-fishing-esque methodical teach n’ preach – instead garnered by reading between the lines – the most important might be that fly-fishing is far from a solitary pursuit. You’ll get few angler v. fish blow-by-blows and cliché mishaps; Tosh does relate the myriad of conditions, both man-made and otherwise, to be encountered in worldly pursuit of fins with feathers, but there is steadfast emphasis on the prodigious array of two-legged characters the angler will inevitably run into.

Finally, if you’ve had your fill of salmonids, and now proclaim you are carving a niche chasing alternative species, Top of the Flood may actually serve useful. Because the future of fly-fishing isn’t some exotic Amazonian bass nor even the common carp … it’s big fat bullfrogs.

Just don’t set the hook too soon.

MG signing off (but not without first letting you know you can buy Top of the Flood here)

Beautiful Bird Shot(s)

No words required …

Beautiful Bird Shots

Click the photo to see the entire gallery by field master Tosh Brown

MG signing off (to check them out again)

How to get “liked” on Facebook without even having an account

Step 1: Catch a rainbow trout on the Kanektok River.

Step 2: Agree to hold said fish while Tosh Brown snaps some photos.

Step 3: Allow the subject to squirm out of your hands…

Fumbled Fish Photo Content

MG signing off (because Big Brother is always watching)

The Texan’s Show N’ Tell

Tosh Brown looks cold. The fish does not.

Click to enlarge

The Texan would be one Tosh Brown. His subject matter would be our recent trip to Alaska West. Contrary to my previous notice regarding photo availability, Tosh over-delivered.

Before you click through to his story, let me first set the record straight:

1) My friend is a fantastic story teller; if you ever get a chance to fish with him you will not be short on entertainment even if the bite is off.

2) He landed a king on the swing. Before I did. I ran out of Scotch whiskey. Before he did.

3) He’s jealous of my Starry flounder, so please ignore the second to last paragraph of his post.

4) He takes better pictures than I do. Duh.

Predatory rainbow trout

Click the image to head straight to the photo gallery

Lastly, I will be hard pressed to target rainbow trout anywhere else, from here on out. You get spoiled at Alaska West, fast.

MG signing off (thinking the Gators should put TCU, UT, SMU, and A&M on their schedule every year)

Attention to details for Alaska West

You get busy. You write things. You reconnect with old people. You file extensions. You build stuff. You pass on the passable. You chase new opportunities. You make unexpected detours. You fight a few battles. You form some opinions. You meet new people. You rediscover interests. You read this and that. You conjure ideas. And then you miss things.

Like booking your flight for a much anticipated trip this summer to Alaska’s Kanektok River.

I wound up in that “missing” boat, but I’ve since disembarked.

Alaska West Intinerary

My old friend Tosh Brown is joining me. I will pass him a two-handed fly rod and beg the guide to teach him how to use it. Since I rely on pure luck.

Now all I need are flies. Lots of flies.

MG signing off (quite distracted by what lies ahead, but keeping his head down as best he can)

In the mail: all the upcoming year in photos, courtesy of Tosh Brown

A surprise in the mailbox…

Tosh Brown calendar

Tosh Brown delivers motivation to explore in 2013. Although I’ll refrain from staring down any water buffaloes.

MG signing off (to say thanks Texan!)

Following the run, no matter how far it takes you

Tosh Brown of Departure Publishing, via Angling Trade:

Back in October, Pete McDonald and I embarked on our first round of content gathering for our upcoming collaboration.

We saw the wind (and rain) blow from every point on the compass and by the end of the week I was really thankful for my last-minute decision to pack the underwater camera. From the Connecticut River, to Breezy Point, to Montauk: we caught fish, we interviewed guides, we visited greasy spoon cafes and fly shops, and we got off to a great start on a book that we’re getting seriously pumped about. Click here to see what we’ve cataloged, so far…

Tosh is referring to some oh so sweet pics off of Connecticut, New York, and other coastal environs. And he and Pete are not even halfway done.

If you see either of these fellows anytime between now and November, get them drunk and steal their travel schedule.

‘Cause crashing that party would be a hoot.

MG signing off (to find a bottle of tequila…for…uh…personal consumption)