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While relatively inactive, this website is now tracker-less.

  • No ads, beacons, or surreptitious pixels
  • No embedded analytics, nor external measurement artifices in use *
  • No externally served fonts (a laughably obvious tracking mechanism)
  • No linkage to “social media” or other insidious trash external content
  • No first-party cookies (at least after fairly extensive testing)

There are a few YouTube videos embedded within, and since that service’s owner distributes tracking cookies via that media, it will be removed in due course. There may be links to other so-called “services” – varying displays of external content types accumulated over the years – but they too will be exterminated as they are found. Bonus: an aggregate Pingdom score consistently between 99 and 100.

MG signing off (because it was mostly useless anyway)

* Google Analytics was reinitiated.

Trophy brown trout briskly and expertly transformed into robofish

From the Don’t Try This On Your Home Waters files…

To heck with just tagging the rear of a fish’s dorsal with some microscopic identification device – the folks from the Henry’s Fork Foundation actually perform full-blown surgery on a beautiful brown trout, inserting a transmitter into its belly behind the pelvic fins and running the antenna along its bottom and out behind the anal fins.

Brilliant work!

(h/t Whisper Creek Fly Fishing)

Marketers piss and moan about cookies

I say tough shit. Most people don’t want to be tracked, and lobbying anti-spyware firms to remove blacklisted URLs better result in a big fat “NO.”

At least that is what the latest JupiterResearch report is suggesting.

First they lobby, then someone capitulates, and next thing you know, the technology has changed and nobody knows the better.