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My training regimen for the Teva Mountain Games Costa 2 Fly Extreme

I’ve been practicing so much for the Teva Mountain Games Costa 2 Fly Extreme fly fishing competition coming up in Vail this weekend that I literally exemplify the extreme in the name. It’s been tough, really tough – so arduous that I’ve been skipping sleep and have forgotten how many practice sessions I’ve actually undertaken.

It could just be that I’m old, and experiencing intermediate-term memory loss.

Or it could be that my refrigerator is improperly stocked with the nutrients vital to a strong performance…

Ok…I’m running out of excuses.

The fact is I haven’t practiced a lick, and don’t plan on it either. Which means you shouldn’t have any excuses not to make a pledge to Casting for Recovery. Remember, my score determines whether you laugh or cry.

Just hope you get the humor.

MG signing off (to crack open another case of “energy drink”)

Are you primed for the Teva Mountain Games 2 Fly Xstream?

tequila-posterFrom the Michael Gracie “Winning through Confusion, Smack Talking and Foul Play Series”

There are 29 days left until the Teva Mountain Games Costa Del Mar 2 Fly Xstream fly fishing competition. And according to games director Rick Messmer, there are 46 competitors signed up as of this morning, meaning there are also 29 slots left.

A true to life geek like myself figures “29…that’s a prime number. Must be some sort of sign.” I could plug that number into some obscure algorithm, but it’ll likely come up blank. Instead I’m going to spend the rest of the day thinking about how many fish I’ll catch tomorrow on one of Colorado’s Gold Medal waters (exactly which one won’t be solidified in plan until this evening). Twenty-nine would be a grand day.

flycastingpracticeYou’re now thinking “Jeez – fly fishing isn’t supposed to be about numbers. It’s about getting back to nature, exercising form over function, and clearing one’s mind in the process.” Sorry o’ pantywaist bamboo boy, but this is competition we’re talking about here. Mano-a-mano, or in this case me and my broomstick against everyone else and theirs. It’s about finding an edge, and using it to one’s advantage. There’s fame and fortune to be had.

We’re in full on practice mode now. I’m utilizing multi-colored hoola hoop targets at distances of 10, 18, and 26 feet, right in my small front yard. The next door neighbor is serving me tequila shots between rounds. You might say that publicizing my once top secret training regimen to the world is foolish, but I say emulate you must, or suffer the consequences July 6th.

MG signing off (to find a very sticky yet undetectable substance I can put on my fellow competitors’ fly lines the morning of competition)

Editor’s note: The author of this post does not condone cheating. Unless, of course, you know you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.