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Stuff you might have missed because I was a lazy piece of…for the last month


  • The Cloud Isn’t Safe?! (Or Did Black Hat Just Scare Us?) [ReadWriteWeb] – Me thinks it isn’t too safe now, but might get a whole lot safer here very soon.
  • FACEBOOK FIRED: 8% of US Companies Have Sacked Social Media Miscreants [Mashable] – Ok…I signed up for Facebook in early August, and everyone knows my favorite word is “miscreant.” Should I fire myself?
  • Small Biz So Far Not So Crazy About the Cloud [GigaOm] – What about big business? Oops…I forgot they ARE the cloud.


  • Why Default on U.S. Treasuries is Likely [Reason] – I’ve got this finance reference on the shelf that bases everything on the “risk free rate.” Should I throw it out now?
  • FDIC Running Out of Cash [The Big Picture] – My money is safely stuffed in the mattress, but what’s the point? The FDIC will just set up its own printing press.
  • U.S. Underwater Mortgages May Reach 30%, Zillow Says [Bloomberg] – This whole housing meme has become a tiresome one. If Zillow had said this three years ago I would have been impressed.

Fly Fishing

  • North America’s Top 10 Trout-Fishing Towns [Forbes] – They missed Hartsel, Colorado! We call the place Redneck Disneyland (c) my neighbor, and it’s certainly my #1.
  • A 23-inch rainbow trout is a lot like a beautiful woman. If I do everything absolutely right, then maybe. [Moldy Chum] – I do everything wrong with both, hence relying on pure luck.
  • Confessions of a Kiss and Tell Angler [Cutthroat Stalker] – First rule to remember…no means no! Second rule…never kiss and tell. You’ll get a lot less refusals.