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Tallying the score for my fly-fishing year (2009)

I’d planned on fishing Christmas day, but with high temps expected to climb no higher than the teens I’m likely to bag it. Hence, my fly-fishing year is over, and this year-in-review comes a few days early.

The learning curve

I spent 30 minutes talking one-on-one with Lefty Kreh, in the second week of January. I should have quit while I was ahead. (+30)

Creating infamy

The Wall Street Journal showed up in Denver after I guaranteed them some carp on the fly footage, and Tom Teasdale got front page billing in the print edition, nationally. I know self-made entrepreneurs with $250 million net worths that never made the front page of the WSJ. So I take all the credit for this one. (+250)

Time spent fishing is better than time spent working

I had 22 days on the Blue River, 21 days on suburban lakes, 13 days on the urban South Platte, 10 days on the Dream Stream, 4 days on the Williams Fork, 3 days on the North Platte, 3 days on the salt, 1 day in Cheesman Canyon, 1 day on the Colorado, and a few minutes on Gore Creek and Ten Mile Creek. (+78.5) ALMOST FORGOT: 2 days on the Eagle, and a day on “Moose Creek” – so +81.5

Worth a mention

I caught this fish and this fish using 5X tippets and tiny flies (+2). I used a San Juan Worm one day this year – this fish was the result (+1). I almost died from dehydration in the Carp Slam, but thank my lucky stars Barry Reynolds was my partner (+10).

Some gear runs through it

I acquired five fly rods and four fly reels this year (+9). I dumped one 2009 rod for another (+0), gave one rod up as a going away present (+1), and passed on three reels to folks that really needed them (-3). At least two rods will get ejected in the spring, and I’m on the hunt for another reel (-1).

I retired some waders, and waited patiently for some others (+0). I booted three pairs of wading boots, and wound up with two pairs in their place (-1). I gave away two wading belts (+2), and I found my socks (+20).

I bought seven fly lines, was given one fly line, sold two fly lines, and gave seven fly lines away (+13). I ruined one fly line, and one fly line just plain fell apart on me (-2). Two fly lines are still in the boxes (-2). I gave away a tippet dispenser, six spools of tippet, 250 yards of gelspun backing, and spooled/rigged four reels for newbies (+261).

Fly boxes are for civilians

I purchased 780 flies, tied ten flies, bent four hooks, popped 28 leaders with two-fly rigs, and snagged 2,462 flies on tree branches. (-1,732)

Liar liar pants on fire

I caught 225 brown, rainbow and/or cutthroat trout over ten pounds, 150 carp over forty pounds, 90 largemouth bass over eleven pounds, and one state record brook trout (at twelve pounds) that I didn’t get a picture of since I was by myself in a desolate location with no food, water, or camera. (225 X 10) + (150 X 40) + (90 X 12) + (1 X 12 X 11,500 foot elevation) = +147,330

High note

I acquired a king’s hoard of new friends, but unlike royalty throughout history I wouldn’t trade them for anything. And I spent some precious time fishing with some dear old friends too. ((7382 + 6) X 1014 = 7.382e+17) (Note: score arrived at by adding total friends, new and old, to the number of beers consumed in their company, individually, post-outing, then multiplying by the ACTUAL VALUE of time spent fishing and/or drinking with them)

Final tally

I want to say I lost count, but the reality is I’m an accountant, which means I don’t know how to count it was just a darn good year.

Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, What-Have-You, and a Happy New Year to all.

MG signing off (until 2010)

Frankenstein’s Cutbow

I pulled this cutbow out of a sewage drain top shelf waterway not long ago:

It smacked a streamer like a freight train, and was quite the tugger. Chunky as well, which shocked me when I looked at its right side – a clearly deformed mouth and gill plate. Didn’t seem to matter to this fish (it took off like a bat out of hell on release too), but I’m curious…has anyone ever seen a face like that?

Is this a genetic abnormality, or an environmental issue?  Or maybe the fish just tangled with a nasty predator, got away, and now has the scars to show for it?

Tidbits to start the week

Tidbits are small, until they grow up

UPDATE (8/13/08): A week later Roubini is right.

Seismographs, earthquakes, surface temperature stations, and lemonade

Does technology create disaster? No, but why don’t climate statisticians have heartburn?

Paul Kedrosky crunches the numbers and finds that there were less than 3,000 seismographs deployed in 1932, and more than 23,000 in 2007. His conclusion:

Combine the preceding with the fact that the number of seismographs worldwide grew from under 350 to over 4,000 during the same period — an 11-fold increase — and you have all the proof any sober-minded person could need: Seismographs cause earthquakes.

Of course, there’s some humor in that. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as funny when it comes to surface stations and temperature warming.

I recently read a study on western rivers and trout (.pdf) stating in no uncertain terms that regional temperatures over the last decade were significantly higher that 20th century averages. I love western rivers and I love trout – plainly and simply, if they didn’t exist I probably wouldn’t live where I live. But I’ve just got to ask…

How does the number of surface temperature stations deployed by or on behalf of the United States Historical Climatology Network over the same period effect that data? And, how does the apparently woeful condition and sometimes absurd positioning of those stations play into the mix? According to an independent, volunteer organized survey of those stations (which, by the way, has covered roughly 44% of all existing stations so far), the data could be “toast”.

LIke I said – not a laughing matter.

Cookies from the neighbors

My neighbors’ four year old daughter made cookies today. The family knows I fish.

Rainbow trout and Bluefish

A couple of Stegasauruses too, although I don’t think anyone makes tippet for those.

I’ll note I’ve never see fish disappear so fast – they must have known I was coming.

Switzerland Bans Catch-And-Release

Love the gold, hate the trout

From the Chattanoogan:

Catch and Release fishing will be banned in Switzerland from next year, it was revealed this week.

And anglers in the country will have to demonstrate their expertise by taking a course on humane methods of catching fish, under new legislation outlined by the Bundesrat – the Swiss Federal Parliament.

“Humane methods of catching fish” will mean knocking trout over the head with a blunt instrument (thereby causing instant death to our fine finned friends).

Unless Swiss anglers are downright insane, they should petition the government to trade them a one-ounce gold ingot for every fish they kill, which the angler can then donate to the local preservation board!

(h/t to The Trout Underground)